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Red Dead Redemption

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Comes out on the 18th!

Red Dead Redemption GI and GamesTM Review Scans - PlayStation 3 (PS3) Forum - GameBattles Forums

GI gave it a 9.5. Some scans of the article at that link.

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Definitely picking this up on my way home from work Tuesday morning.... then spend the next three days playing the hell out of it. I love never working on game release day... or the two following days.
Just finally got around to playing this yesterday... I fucking love this game. I'm in Mexico just past the DeSanta missions.
Killing cougars with your knife is a breeze compared to killing bears with your knife that you have to do later. :lol:
I think I cheated then... I shot a bear in the ass a couple of times and then knifed it while it was chasing down some poor sap on a horse...
Also, I love how, in shootout mode, you can place like 6 Xs on your opponents face and then watch as his head is blown into pieces as he falls. I really dig the way they chose to animate that.
I haven't even touched multiplayer yet...
I'm still not entirely sure how the duels work, but I've been doing it exactly like I did in Red Dead Revolver and it's worked out pretty well for me so far. :)
Just finished the game....

I would have thought it was over when I killed Dutch... It just kept going :lol: That ranch business was getting annoying though then BAM fucking army attack. I totally did not see John's death coming either.

I do like that they did leave some closure in the story. Killing that bureau agent at the end actually felt good.
Anyone else feel like the zombie thing just doesn't really fit with the story line? The only thing even remotely supernatural in the game is "I Know You" stranger missions, and those are only very brief encounters.

I suppose I just never really got on board with this whole zombie craze that seems to have overtaken the market in the past few years.

I am looking forward to the Red Dead Revolver characters, though. I heard Jack Swift is going to be one of the playables, and he was damn cool. I am also looking forward to poker being included in multiplayer. I'll probably play a lot of that.
1 - 8 of 98 Posts
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