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If anyone in SoCal is thinking about starting a reef or saltwater aquarium, I've got an entire setup and lots of stuff for sale- cheap. Pick up only, because I'm sure no one wants to pay a whole lot for shipping.

63 lbs rock-- 43 lbs dry base rock, 18 lbs manufactured (small and medium pieces Fiji, Tonga Branch, tufa)- $20 whole box
30 gallon tall- $25
Stand- $40
30 gallon breeder- $25
Current USA 36" Nova Extreme T5ho 4x 39w- $60
Hagen Glo 48" T5HO 2x54w- $20 (a little rust but works great)
(2) 10 gallon tanks- $5 each
20" hood-$5
30" hood, brand new in box- $15
1 Topfin 30- $5
1 Aquatech 30-60- $5
Rio Nano Skilter 110gph- $10
Miscellaneous items (includes a 55 gallon under-gravel filter and a 200 watt All Glass heater, 2 Zoo Med Power sweep, 160gph power heads)- free if you want to come get them


Natural rock:

Manufactured rock:

If you were wondering what happened, my anemone died when I was on vacation a while back and wiped out my entire reef. I gave up on reefing after that. I've been trying to sell this stuff elsewhere for a long time, so I thought I'd try my luck here.

PM me with questions, or if you want to see more pics.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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