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Is this the right saying?

  • "If your cab has a higher rating than what your head is set to, you're okay.

    [*]It's when your cab has a lower rating than your head is set to which means you'll blow your OT."

Also, here's an easy formula to remember if you are connecting more than one cab:

Multiply the two cabs ohms, add the two cabs ohms, the divide the values:

X x Y = Z1
X + Y = Z2

Z1 / Z2 = answer


Cab 1 is 16 ohms
Cab 2 is 8 ohms

16 ohms x 8 ohms = 128
16 ohms + 8 ohms = 24

128 / 24 = 5.33333 ohms

This is my exact dilemma although my values are different. If I end up with ~2.7 ohms when connecting both cabs to my SS bass head, and it auto switches between 2/4/8 ohms, I'll be okay since it'll auto-switch to 2 ohms?

Or is this not a good idea?

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You should be fine.

A SS amp has a "minimum load" and it will automatically switch to work with whatever load is plugged in. If said load is below it's minimum load you risk thermal shutdown or damage.

Tube amps are much more sensitive to matching.
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