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one of my clients is heading up the drilling operation to dive the shaft for capsule access. I actually have 3 clients that build shafts (1 builds them old school and they others drill them) - drilling works well for diameters up to about 20' -anything bigger than that requires regular excavation.

I got to do a photo shot for one client. thye basically lower guys working down into the hole with a big bucket on a crane.

They took us up really high in the bucket over the hole (about 4 storys or so) looking down into the 1000' deep shaft yeah can you say vertigo :lol:

They used to scare the shit out of new guys by letting the bucket free fall for a bit but the made them stop doing that since it isnt really very safe..
You can see the bucket i rode down in here (not very big is it)

The back hoe is powered by compressed air and hydraulics

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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