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I've had 2x Radial J48 for a couple of years, mainly for capturing guitars on live shows, but the Palmer active is without a doubt a massive bang for the buck.

I would say tho, that the Radial seems to have a more "pristine" sound quality, more highs, while the Palmer seems a little darker. But once distorted those differences are evened out

The passive Palmer is obviously not suited for passive pickups, but I tried anyway.
It sounds alright once distorted but has a higher noise gate.
COULD be used to recording a passive bass on live gigs in case you really dont have another active DI-box around, if you mix it clean and dont distort it.

However, the input level of the Radial was really high so I had to activate the -15db pad to compensate and make the signal more similar to the Palmers... or even just avoid clipping whatsoever. The passive Palmer needed preamp gain maxed out.

WINNER FOR BANG FOR BUCK: PALMER PAN 02 the active one (but it also has a split hair lower noise!)

In the end of the video, there's a sneak peak from one of my upcoming albums :flex:
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