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I'm sure you've all, already read it, for those who didn't though ........
Straight from Buz himself
Buz said:
if you want to see this guitar in person it will be on display at the NAMM show. ibanez wants to put it up to see if there is any interest. if the guitar gets enough attention , they may make a similar production model. i urge anyone attending the show to go to the ibanez booth, and cause a scene, demanding that they make a new model seven string!!
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If they do build it, there is absolutely no way it will be that nice. It will probably be a solid color, and basswood.
Didn't he say that last year too though?
Actually he said that in freaking 2005... some people need to learn to read the dates on posts :rolleyes:
Yeah, it was taken from an thread that got necro-bumped.
Now you mention it, I should.......... Close it down if you feel necessary, or leave open for flaming
If you look at the EXIF data on that picture you'll see it's from December 2005!
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