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UCLA legendary coach John Wooden dies at age 99 - ESPN Los Angeles

Arguably the most important basketball figure since, well, James Naismith. Dying at 99 isn't necessarily sad, but he'll be missed, for sure.

My favorite Wooden story they don't tell in that vignette: Wooden forbid his players to have excessive facial hair and long hair, and one summer, Bill Walton came in for camp with a big bushy beard and the giant fro he would be known for in the NBA. They finished their practice, and when they were done, Wooden said "By the way, Bill, you need to shave and get a haircut." Walton countered "You know, Coach, this is America, and I feel like I should be able to wear my hair the way I like." Wooden pondered this for a second, then looked him dead in the eye and said, "You know, Bill, you're absolutely right. This is America, and you absolutely have that right, and I must say, the team's going to miss you."

Walton came in the next day shaved and with a haircut. :lol:
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