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Hi guys 'n girls,

I'm having a little problem with my Rocktron Hush Ultra unit here and I'm sure the eventuel problem will turn out to be my ignorance (I've always been a studio musician/composer, so live gear is not my strong suit), but I definitely hope someone can help me out with this.

I'm currently playing an Engl Fireball and although I love the natural ultra gain tones, I bought a Hush Ultra rack unit to get rid of the immense feedback issues it has.
Right now it's connected through the mono jacks straight into the Engl's FX loop. With the FXloop knob set to about half (12 o clock), it does the job of getting rid of the feedback, but it does nothing to eliminate the very loud hiss of the amp itself. Ofcourse the hiss is gone when I completely open up the FX loop knob, but then there's absolutely no volume left. Am I doing this completely wrong. (Is it better to try connecting my wireless guitar receiver to the hush, and then connect the hush output to the pedal chain before it all goes into the amp input?)

Once again, I totally suck at the technical side of things, so any tips or help would be extremely appreciated. :)
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