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is one of the most painful substances known to man? Holy shit it burns :lol:

In other news, the MAZDA GODS COMETH! :flex:

You all remember this sumbitch.

1983 Mazda RX7 GSL (FB, S2). I dont know what it is, but i vastly prefer the SA/FB (first gens) to the FCs and not as much so, but i prefer it to the FD as well. I might even prefer them to last gen Supras (which are prone to rice :()
Came to me with a running motor, a rebuilt but uninstalled carb, unusuable brakes/tires, an AWFUL interior, in the Eightiest of maroons, and pretty roughed up. The batter had blown up as it sat in the desert for 5 years, so THAT needed to be replaced. In better news, the brake lines, oil system, tranny, and the coolant system had been flushed, and the gas tank dumped and scrubbed. I still want to pull it and reseal it, but whatevs.

Theres what it would have looked like new, except with rear disc brakes which you cant see anyways, an LSD (again, cant see) oh and fucking gray with maroon, a la this

Anyways, ive got plans for it.
It gets a mariah rear hatch.


Id like to widebody it MILDLY, but all i can find is the mariah kit, which if youre going for that awesome 80s japanese ferrari wannabe look, is great, or if you want to legitimately track it works well, but id like maybe 2" wider on the back and 1" on the front. Old Porsche style.

The back i like, the front not so much. If it werent so wide and more of just a fender flare, id be all over it, but i dont dig the whole exploded fender except by the door retarded look :/

Probably a small more muscle looking wing, id like to make it look sportier, not ricaronier.

Inside, its got a pretty strong 12a. Ill rebuild it anyways, and give it a mild street porting (opens up and exhausts a bit earlier, think of it as manually adjusting the timing by carving into the block of the fucking engine :lol:).

(You can see a LOT of shit is already gutted, thanks to my buddy Cesar and I).


The radiator i may leave, but id like to put a newer one in, as this ones pretty beat up. id like to put a small vent to the hood up top, but not very extreme. Ill be kicking over to an electric fan as well, just cause. No real reason, but i feel like it. Maybe it will help me keep things clean under this here missin hood.

The emissions system has yet to be removed, so its still smoggy (you can actually reroute a few vacuums and IMPROVE emissions pretty drastically, oddly enough). The fabled RATS NEST DUN DUN DUN

Heres whats left of the interior, you can see the awful color. All the wires will go behind a custom made dash. Going super clean on it, trying to make it a bit more modern. Plus it will allow me to consolidate a ton of those wires as well. The steering wheel is pretty fucked too, unfortunately, so that goes. Im torn between a creme color and a tan+wicker combo for the guts. The outside gets HoK candy tangelo paint.

Heres the back of the interior, where the battery will be located, as well as a small sub and amp (Suggestions welcome, looking for something thats musical, not just thumpy, while relatively inexpensive still). Cant decide if i want to put the storage bins back in or not. I think i will, and just convert the bins to magnetic lids since the shitty vinyl hinges broke like always, further confirming my belief that no rx7 FB bins are intact :lol:.

Here is the shitty fucking pop up headlight mechanism. This is going. Im going to have to fab up headlights, but that shouldnt be too bad since the cover plate is a 2d curve. That will open up space right there for a CAI on either side. Im not sure if im going to leave it carbed with the nikki, recarb it with a mikuni/weber, or go EFI. Probably a mikuni long term, leave it nikki for now.

The battery explosion collateral. FUCK YOU RUST. Thats gonna get chopped out and replaced, obviously, and annoyingly :mad:

WHAT THE FUCK BITCHIN RIMS ARE THOSE?!?!?!?!?!?! :scream::scream::scream:

Who knows? Air raid i call them. The stock rims are in great shape, but are fucking tiny. I dont want 27.92s on this bitch. It is not a faux Hummer. It is a fucking small japanese sports car. I just want something bigger than 5x12s. Jesus fucking christ. Unfortunately for me, there is a problem called FUCKING WHEELS GOT STUCK ON AMERICAN SPACINGS GODDAMNIT, and it has an excellent metric spacing using the logical metric system, at 4x110. Not shitty american 4x114.3 with its fucking inches, no, its metric, and unfortunately for me and the 17 Datsun fans out there, the rest of the world, europe included :facepalm: adopted inches for wheel spacing. FFFUUUUUU. So, the axles will come off (maybe ill replace them with mosers, well see) and redrilled to also take 4xstupid.

Much to my surprise and joy, i could have sworn to god that while the GSL had disc brakes, it did not have an LSD. Turns out a great many did, including mine. YAY I DONT HAVE TO SWAP THE DIFF YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYY.

Id like to reiterate. Do not get brake fluid in cuts, seriously. Fuck that noise.


Slow Money
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Im going for a more DD capable interior, but thats slick as hell

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Those pics makes me want to buy another rx-7. :wub:
But I won't until I can afford building a garage. :(
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