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Selling my Miller Resonator. It's korean made, the company is a local guitar store "Don Miller", this is their own brand. It's fairly nice for what it is, mahogany front, back, and sides, arched back is very comfy, electric preamp, rosewood fretboard, neck is can play it like a regular acoustic. I just don't use it and it's collecting dust. I don't have a case or bag for it, but it will be packed Very well before shipping out.

$140 shipped.

I'll grab some better pics in a little while.

VanZandt Truebucker, great condition, plenty of wire left, 4 conducter, very vintage sounding. Sounded great in my mahogany V through my Recto. It has a Very tiny hairline crack along one of the bobbins, you can't even see it unless you are looking for it.
$35 shipped
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