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First off, i've used a pod for all my recording needs pretty much for the past 8-10 years or so, and everything i know about routing of signals etc... is based off of that experience.

I've recently started using a few vst's and impulses instead of the pod and am just about ready to stop with the pod. I'd actually like to replace it soon with just a dedicated DI box. So if thats the only solution to my issue (issue below, lol) i'm good with that. But it would be nice to not have to till i'm ready

Right now my setup is: guitar > pod > usb to pc > either to the revalver standalone or to reaper w/the revalver vst, and using asio4all. that all works great (well closing revalver is crashing reaper, but thats another issue).

Now my issue. what i cant do now that i used to do, is jam along with cds/mp3s. i used to only usb the pod for recording, any jamming i'd just headphone out the pod to my speakers aux-in, so the pc was still handling all the music, and the pod was handling my guitars.

Now that i have to usb in to run threw revalver, the pod takes over all sound and once revalver is open, thats the only sounds coming out. if i try to run wmp or similar, i either get no sound or no sound and an error. In the asio4all config it shows my realtec hd sound card and the in is fine, but the out is X'd out once revalver is open.

So, suggestions, help, etc? :)
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