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RPD! (Returned Pickups Day)

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As some of you might have seen in my NGD thread, Aleksi's been awesome enough to let me have the Bare Knuckles from the KXK I sold him for the price of the postage. Of course, I had to rip his arm off at that price! Yesterday I came home to a package containing these:

I think you can guess what pickups they are :lol: Post took just two days from Finland to here :yesway:

Now all I have to do is decide when to get the dremmel out...
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Whoa! That was fast! I tend to label pickups I have lying around so I don't forget what they are. :lol: Now install them already!
It also helps me work out which one is which too :lol: I'll admit I was surprised too, it's go here quicker than the alternator for my car, which was ordered the day before :lol:

I'll get them installed soon enough. I need to get a few bits first. A switch to replace the EQ with a killswitch, another pot as I've no idea if this one is 25k or 500k and I might as well get a Switchcraft switch too, these Ibanez switches are notoriosly flaky if you resolder them.
I'm very interested about the C-Pig. In which guitar is going into?
I'm very interested about the C-Pig. In which guitar is going into?

They should sound very good in there, as they were great in the mahogany KXK. Then again, a lot of the KXK is maple, so it won't be exactly the same. It has to be better than the Ibanez actives though.
I'll give you the postage and a bottle of Balvenie for them?
Nope :fawk:

Give me an alnico 7 string set of a Nailbomb bridge and Cold Sweat neck and I might consider it...

I got a C-Pig from Matt Crooks for my Baritone & it works a treat.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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