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Rusty Cooley's new band: Day of Reckoning

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singer kills it for me :noway:

I liked his soloing better on this song than on the other stuff I've heard from him. No fucking harmonic minor, for a start.

Get that man a singer, pronto!

Edit: I posted while the song was still playing. Sure enough, there's some harmonic minor toward the end. :lol:

I agree about his solo guitar being too forward. Is this an actual final mix?
You know... I listened to this again. I can't fucking stand Rusty Cooley at all. Is he just totally narcissistic or something? His name in BIG FUCKING LETTERS IN THE LOGO, his solo cranked to the point of being ridiculousness, and even during the intro/verse you can hear his guitar following the vocalist's melody... like, he can't NOT be doing something to try and get attention.
This sounds a lot like what Yngwie did, which is unfortunate.

Rusty ought to just ditch the vocalists altogether and concentrate on instrumental music. I'm guessing that 99.99% of the people who would buy a Day of Reckoning album would consider the vocals to be "that stuff that happens in between the guitar solos."

To me, Rusty's solos in this song represent an artistic improvement over what he did before. The rest of it, I'm not really into.
I think people expect him to be a awesome musician because hes and awesome player. Personally, it seems like hes a top tier player, with below average musicanship. In short, hes a player more than a musician.
I think that's an artificial separation. If his musicianship isn't there, then he's not really a very good player. I happen to believe that Rusty could do a lot more interesting music than he released to date, which is why he's frustrating to me.

But to all the people that "hate" him? Thats just silly. He could play ANYONE that says that under the table. Just because he isnt as good as a song writer as he is a player doesnt mean you should dog him.
In terms of his picking speed, he can play me under the table. But the other myriad things that go into being a guitar player? I'm not so sure about that. I don't hear Rusty doing anything all that fabulous when it comes to phrasing. The little things that give a guitar player his voice.

Rusty sounds exactly like a guy who spent the last 20 years practicing his picking speed for 12 hours a day, but not nearly enough time doing anything else. In this new song, I'm finally starting to hear some hints that Rusty is more than just a picking machine. I'd like to hear more of that. And yes, I'd be more inclined to buy a Rusty album that didn't feature some guy shrieking or grunting over it.

It seems like hes fallen victem to being too good in one area, and for some reason, its backlash city.
In general, I think you're correct. For me, it's that he doesn't often demonstrate being good in any other area.

I'm about Rusty's age and went through the same mindset for years (but obviously not as accomplished at speed-picking). Problem is, as fast as you can pick, there will always be somebody faster around the corner. But your phrasing and voice on the guitar, and your musical vision, will always be yours alone. And once you stop picking up a guitar for the sole purpose of showing off, you can start accomplishing things.
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Normally on the internet, 99% of the people who make a statement like this are full of shit. I can attest, however, that in this case, JP is not making that up. He plays his ass off with his spaghetti-handed fusion chops that make you think he has a third arm hidden somewhere.
Thanks! I didn't really mean to single out myself, however. There are any number of guys here who I know have more interesting things to say on the guitar than Rusty. That's what I really mean by the guitar "voice." It has less to do with chops and more to do with the reason you pick up the instrument in the first place.

People sometimes bitch about Vai's playing, too, but the man plays one note and you know it's him. His voice on the guitar is utterly unique and makes music that is also unique.

I'm truly not jealous of Rusty. His audience consists of guitar geeks standing in the crowd with their arms crossed thinking "I could do that." I used to be one of those guys in the audience, and I used to want to be the sort of player Rusty is, but I finally realized after many years that it's pointless.

Rusty makes a good living off of instructional materials, so it makes sense for him, but it certainly traps him artistically. I'd love to see him pull a Miles Davis and play a two-note solo sometime. :)
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And yeah, +1 to Jacksonplayer being a monster. I wish I was a wee bit more sober for that part of the night. :lol:
You weren't missing anything. I was far too drunk to play anything coherent.

Also, your Strat didn't have the girly-man strings I require to play my way these days. :lol:
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