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Rusty Cooley's new band: Day of Reckoning

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To me it just sounds like Outworld with a hardcore/death metal vocalist. But Outworld b-sides. Not really impressed at all.
Vocalist sounds fine to me. I actually vastly prefer it over the annoying clean vocals they had in Outworld :shrug:
I'm the opposite, I think Kelly Carpenter is an awesome vocalist. This guy just sounds like a second rate reject from the trend metal of 5 years ago.

But nonetheless his phrasing and note choice still remains shitty, which is a shame because his speed technique is monstrous and nothing I could ever do.
This is something which annoys me greatly about him. Biggest example I can see of his mindset is on the demo version of City Of The Dead, there is a section in the solo where he slows down and does some really awesome wailing bends. What happens when it came to recording it for the Outworld album? Replaces all the slow stuff with alternate picked runs at WTFbpm
For what it's worth, I actually really enjoy the Outworld album, and some of the solos really work in context on that album, just so far this sounds like utter tosh compared.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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