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Rusty Cooley's new band: Day of Reckoning

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EDIT: Retracted for being dickish. Sorry.

On the upside, Rusty (while I still haven't heard nothing of his that I like), Matt and that Andretti guy are fantastic musicians in their own right.
EDIT: More of me being a dick. Nothing to see here.
He could play ANYONE that says that under the table. Just because he isnt as good as a song writer as he is a player doesnt mean you should dog him.
He can outplay me. So can Emil Werstler or Paul Gilbert. I hate Rusty Cooley and I don't hate them. No jealousy here at all.
Alright, alright... I was overly harsh and I totally got called on it, as I should've. I guess I'm just being a little bitter after the "death metal growl" comment from the interview some time back.
1 - 5 of 44 Posts
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