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Rusty Cooley's new band: Day of Reckoning

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The part about being cranked is absolutely true. Wow. It's actually surprising.
I'm about Rusty's age and went through the same mindset for years (but obviously not as accomplished at speed-picking). Problem is, as fast as you can pick, there will always be somebody faster around the corner. But your phrasing and voice on the guitar, and your musical vision, will always be yours alone. And once you stop picking up a guitar for the sole purpose of showing off, you can start accomplishing things.
This. :agreed:

For me, what finally brought me around to becoming a fan of the Yng was none of his rock stuff (which I dig nowadays). It was his classical recording, the Concerto for Electric Guitar.

He had a drastically different approach to his playing (while still being Yngwie) for much of that album, and it opened my eyes to what he could do.

But before that? I never cared for the guy.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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