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Rusty Cooley's new band: Day of Reckoning

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The point of playing guitar is to pick it up and do what you want to do with it, no more or no less.
:yesway: Well said.
Vocalist sounds fine to me. I actually vastly prefer it over the annoying clean vocals they had in Outworld
hes nuts at guitar...deff one of my favs
Thanks dude! The band & people like you are why we do this shit!

TBH, it sounded like the shittiest, cookie-cutterist core band possible, with a ZOMG! RANDOM RUSTY COOLEY SOLO!
Great, go listen to the Outworld disk then. Its a great album for the genre!

Time to go drink beer! :dick:
Alright, alright... I was overly harsh and I totally got called on it, as I should've. I guess I'm just being a little bitter after the "death metal growl" comment from the interview some time back.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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