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Saffire PRO 26 i/o, $300 shipped

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Description: Saffire PRO 26 i/o recording interface. Bajillions of inputs and outputs (26, if you believe in numbers that big), fully working (but could perhaps use a bit of cleaning and likely has a couple of scratches). Can also come with Skittles and Dum-Dum Pops.
Modifications: None
Accessories: Mounting brackets, Firewire cable, power cable, and a free preview of my upcoming children's book on your choice of some printer paper, a bar receipt, the back of some lecture notes, or a chunk of drywall that fell off my ceiling for some reason. In the original box, which has definitely seen better days.
Location: San Antonio, TX
International: Shipping will not be included, but I'll play along otherwise
Contact: PM me or respond here; I can give my phone number either way
References: I've traded on the Sneap forum and at, I have
, and Rick can come muss my hair up if something goes off (also I've traded a bit with him, but the crabs and blood-stained doilies did not, once again, did *not* come from me or my borrowed seeing-eye-dog).
Price: $300 shipped (or for international $300 plus shipping), will consider nearby offers

I used this for a while and never had any problems, but I've recently become well aware of how expensive graduate school is - both in time and money - and I need some of my blood this month.

Top view, nice and almost-shiny

Front panel, part 1

Front panel, part 2

Back panel, but normally this view costs you extra

Accessories and future home of whatever candy you'd like to have shipped directly to your door for no extra charge

The last thing my enemies will see if I have to move this to the new apartment along with all of my other nonsense

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