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It would be wonderful if you could end my search to this question.Why recording my Guitars direct (DI) using many many amp sims, load boxes. They just don't gurgle and sound up to par with the tones i hear by others. I own a Steinberg UR-RT 2 with Rubert Neve transformers $500 yr 2019 and have a 1st generation Focusrite scarlet 2i2 yr 2012. Im not getting the high resolution the big boys get many of them on this forum. I was under the belief technology since 2015 all are good enough.
Is it recording at a high sample rate or bit rate?
use pluging to pre treat my DI guitar tracks i'm at a loss with my efforts?
Am I in need of a newer 2023 audio interface or do I need an expensive one?
Is it the AD/DA converters and/or the preamp quality ?
Guitarist for 20 years with a decent resume.
Is it my guitars? I own pricey musicmans, my pickups maybe? my settings? Im recording at good levels..... this is perplexing.
Fellas, Laddies and gents reach out to me for solid advise. Very discouraged.:cry:😧
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