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Okay so I was thinking of upgrading my Pod XT for home recording and also wanted something for live effects... and after Christmas I stumbled on something in the classifieds that I thought I should jump on... and I did!

Behold! Epic Pic story ensues! (excuse my camera phone, all I had at the moment)

First... lets set the mood!!! (chooses very appropriate music!)

Oh hay thar, I know what you're pretending to be but urr not! :)

Lets see, will this pressurized gas gun work!??? :scratch:

"It's not very effective..."

Okay, time to bring in the big gun(s)!

Goldeneye anyone? :metal:

Hmm she was impenetrable! Damn Voodoo labs, even your boxes are tough! :scream:

Lets see... no Golden Gun, but this will do nicely :shred:

Slice is super effective!

Dust-Off to the rescue!!!

Wat's dis? Body bag? :yarr:

Nope... it's a wise old POD X3! Woo! I wonders who's it was!? :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:...

Why it was Alex Wade of Whitechapel's of course! Hell yeah fucking metal! This thing has been all over the world and is still kicking ass! Thank you man!

(poor pod sad XT in the background :fawk:)

So yeah guys! I think this will do very nicely for some jammage with live effects! Not to mention an improvement in tone for home practicing/recording. I'm verryyy excited. Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Alex for being super easy to deal with and shipping this thing over as fast as he could! I look forward to your Axe-FX endeavors! And thanks for your presets :cool: See ya when you come to Los Angeles :hbang:

To end it off I leave you all with a sneak peak of my new amp that I recieved last month but haven't had too much time to play (it's LOUD)... however I AM IN :wub: and almost GAS free for amps (for now) :lol: I promise though when I get the chance I will do a proper NAD with clips and many pics!

Please excuse the swearing and shitty shitty camera quality, didn't notice the focus button til after the video... also excuse the growling so I warn ye, NSFW!

:hbang: :metal: :hbang:
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"Smells like...wind..."

That's pretty sick that he left his patches in it. Awesome deal :yesway:
Yeah def had some cool patches and effects on it. I like the Lo-fi one he had for those anticipation riffs.

Thanks guys! Will try to get some clips up of the whole setup when I get the chance :metal:
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