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Setting up a wah-wah on an Axe-FX

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How do I do this? I just got a Yamaha MFC10 and I've programmed in my patches to the foot switches, but I can't figure out how to assign values to the foot pedal. I want to be able to turn a wah-wah off and on with the pedal (with it defaulted as off when I go to a patch). I have no idea how to do this. Help me out!~
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Thanks, Aleksi. That worked perfectly. So far I'm not really liking how the autoengage works. It doesn't seem smooth enough... but I guess I'll tweak it later. I'd rep you, except it seems I need to spread around the love some more. ;)
Yeah, I'm not a fan of autoengage. That's why I bought an expression pedal with a toe switch, so I can bypass the volume block, and turn it into a wah, so I can use both volume and wah with 1 pedal on a single patch. Of course, the GCP doesn't have the functionality to make it work correctly, but when Fractal releases their controller it will, that or I have to buy a Liquid Foot. Voodoo Labs are working on a firmware update that they say will add the functionality I need, but it's been over 6 months, so right now it's just a waiting game to see who releases their shit first, Fractal, or Voodoo Labs. My money is on neither, and I'll end up getting a Liquid Foot :lol:
If that's the case, maybe I should just plug my Vox wah-wah pedal in before my guitar goes into the "input." I haven't used that wah-wah pedal since I bought my GNX3000, but I love the way it sounds.

Doesn't really give me any options about routing order, though...

I have another idea about something I can do for the wah-wah, but... eh...
This is a blast from the past. I've had my Axe-FX Ultra for over a year now and pretty much for that entire time, I haven't been using the Axe-FX's built-in wah-wah, but have been using my VOX classic wah-wah that I already had before I got the Axe-FX. :yesway:
You have a shitty wah-wah or something?
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