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These are pickups. They pick up sound in the same way the older brother I never had but wished I did named Lorenzo picks up chicks. With the reckless abandon of a man who has nothing to live for but the thrill of the chase. Kind of like that guy in the beginning of the first Hellraiser who is maxed out on worldly pleasures. Only Lorenzo has a cooler mustache than the guy in the beginning of the first Hellraiser. A way cooler mustache.

He's also a master of that maneuver where he has a chick in the passengers seat and he goes to shift but he kind of casually scrapes their thigh in a suave manner and they gasp and when they see his hand and ask,

"My god Lorenzo, what are those scars?"

and Lorenzo is like,

"I used to be a bounty hunter, a crocodile bounty hunter. I bounty hunted crocodiles."

Only that is totally a lie, they are from the time his hand got caught in one of those conveyor belt things at the grocery store check out and they had to call the paramedics.

Anyways, these pickups are pretty fucking sweet and come with the little screws and springs for mounting them in a ring like a gentleman.

They also come with my "Unconditional Guarantee of Tone". Which is something I just made up, but I think we can all agree it sounds way cool.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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