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I am putting up my very-nearly-completed 7 string for sale. It is an incredibly beautiful guitar, but there are a few factors playing into my decision. Chief among them is that I don't play 7 string anymore.

I initially put a 50% deposit down on it, but that was for a more complicated spec with a carved top. Due to employment circumstances, I had to cut it down to being just a normal top to save some cash and Mike graciously made that change to me. The original 50% deposit was $1800us and that is what I am asking for this buyout; I don't know what the balance remaining is because I don't have a new total.

Its a mahogany neck through mahogany wings, flame maple top w/matching headstock overlay. Ebony board with some very nice dark chocolate grain. Ordered with Bareknuckle Cold Sweats bridge & neck, volume pot only w/a 3 way pickup switch. Black hipshot bridge. Rootbear finish on the front; natural gloss on the back. Soloist body style with the classic Sherman headstock! none of that fugly RG stuff.

It is in the final stages of finish right now so it could be done any day now.

Buy me out for $1800us and you inherit the build exactly as it stands right now.

Here are the pics I have:

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