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Hey dudes. What's up? I've been on here 2 times in the past month and the logo has changed! Sign that I haven't been on enough!!
Anyway I won't bore you.

Trying to gather some support for my band Sectioned and some buddies of ours called Entrosolet.

Sectioned and youtube for some tunes!

We're keen to get on the Periphery date in Glasgow so we'd like to build up some momentum. Sorry if this is considered spam but i've also attached a video of our drummer playing some random stuff in his pyjamas - He just got an artist endorsement from Soultone cymbals so he's pretty happy! And I thought some of you guys might enjoy it.

Anyway here's the group link:

Login | Facebook

And here's the video of Owen:


Please delete this/edit if it sounds too spammy Drew.

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! Hope you dig the tunes!
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