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Sights & Sounds (Devin Townsend produced content)

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Caught these guys last night at a local club (budda was there too) and I was very impressed. I hadn't heard of them before yesterday, but checked out their myspace page and was immediately hooked. After a bit of research, I found that Devin Townsend produced their album, and while it's a completely different sound for him, his genius pays off again.

The music is heavy, but dynamic, lots of soft sections building into big epic sections. Lots of vocal harmonies (which they pulled off live very well). Some excellent guitar tones live too.

This won't be for everyone, but I think some people here will love this stuff.

SIGHTS & SOUNDS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
(listening to the album start to finish, when it rolls around to this it's awesome)
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The lead singer is also the singer for Comeback Kid, and the drummer is his brother :yesway:
WHAT? WAIT WHAT?! I just saw Goose and didn't know I was seeing Goose?! :rant: damn. No wonder I loved his screaming :lol:

edit: I think they also had a set-long sample doing the piano/keys stuff, no?
Yeah, they had a backing track filling in piano/synth/samples. I saw him going over between songs to start the next one.
A couple more favourite tracks added to the first post.
Man, after a few start-to-finish listens, this album has grown on me even more :lol:

It kind of hits you slowly, but in a big way. Quite possibly my favourite Devin Townsend production (not favourite DT album, but the mix and production is just incredible).
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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