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Took my guitar home yesterday, still needs another BKP warpig for the neck, but heck couldn't wait, had to take er home and play the shit out of it.

i will post a NGD once i have the pickup installed, with pics and a mini review of the guitar.

my initial thoughts after taking this home and playing with it are this. it's Gorgeous, light in weight and fucking loud. the Warpig are just to my liking in mahogany and this beast sounds fucking nasty and brutal but also clear, clear enough to be unforgiving to sloppy playing.

the neck plays fantastically well, gunna need some hand ware to get it to the smoothness i like, but that come with any guitar.

the body is comfortable as fuck, the body cut is well contoured with no sharp lines anywhere, feels good sitting and standing. the arm carve is excellent, plays comfy high or low, you can rest your arm anywhere and it just feels natural.

the bridge, man i love hipshot bridges, so comfortable to rest on while playing. hipshot locking tuners, do what they are intedned, lock em up and tune em up, they also feel much better than sperzels which seam to go way outta tune with the slightest of touches.

there's a tonne more to say but don't take this as any OFFICIAL review, just my initial thoughts. i'm having a tonne of fun playing this guitar. just can't wait for the other warpig to arrive and my Elixir strings, i miss my elixirs.

thanx Brian, this guitar plays great and sounds amazing \m/
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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