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Some of you may have seen this posted on my Facebook a little while ago, and this won't be news should that be the case.

Long story short, I've become a BKP artist. I have been using their pickups more and more, to the point of them taking prevalence over my trusty DiMarzios, so this move made complete sense for all reasons, both practical and when it comes to simple honesty. The whole ordeal was sorted in a brief and informal conversation with Tim, everything was straight to the point, honest, and punctuated with bits of sick humour - just the way I like it. I am a massive fan of personal, no bullshit, communication! :)

I have started a purification of my typical "when in doubt, go Aftermath" ways, so I have a couple different sets on their way to me. Now I play the waiting game, of course - package seems to be moving fast, though, so you should have plenty of BKP action on the next clip!

This might seem tacky to some, but I do insist that I would be nowhere if it wasn't for the support of my awesome fanbase and people who simply see some merit in what I do and help spread the word, buy my stuff, etc.. Again, my honest and heartfelt "thank you!" goes out to all of you! :)
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