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Sorry, no funny epicness in this unfortunately.

...and it didn't turn out as cool as the original legendary one that started it all. I just needed a larger pedalboard and though it'd be cheaper to build it.

Enter fresh wood.


I was thinking of green, but I saw "hammered texture" spraypaint and the chairs on the label looked cool but.... turned out to look like the glitter color you see on carnival rides...

So I went back out and got GREEN

Fresh box of Velcro and New 1 spot day!!

These bolts were bigger than I expected.

Wish I had a router so it'd sit kinda flush.

Velcro'd! I put the wirey side on the pedalboard and put the cloth side on the bottom of my pedals. If I ever use a pedal away from the board, I won't have to worry about picking thread and garbage off of it before putting it back on here.

nuther velcro shot.

Old homemade pedal. I had an old shelf that I just cut and threw some velcro on, $1 handles from Home Depot, and foil tape on the front! Supa ghetto! I put it here to show I needed more room.

A lot cleaner looking (can't find my other mini patch cable) with the 1 spot connector freely available on the Ashdown Compressor. (embarrassed at cheap nady wireless)

Routing underneath. Might as well use velcro here too. And yeah, cheap sticky rubber feet until I find black screw-in feet.

Oh yeah, here's the link for the original gorm itself.
IKEA | Heavy duty storage systems | GORM system | GORM | Shelf

If you haven't heard of this before, google for "DIY Ikea pedalboard." Best one is on the harmony-central forums I believe.

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astrocreep said:
Thanks for posting this, I'd been completely unaware of the ikea pedalboard thang... this inspired me to go and throw together:

Now I just need to make some sort of carrying bag for the beast!
Awesome dude. Your pedal selection is unusually similar to mine

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Ahh, I did that as a "just in case" type deal. I'm sure it would've stuck, but if it some part accidentally peeled back, I figured it would take the paint with it.
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