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So I guess our new album is streaming + tour dates

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You can listen to it in it's entirety here:

PREMIERE: Sparrows stream new LP, 'Let The Silence Stay Where It Was' | Substream Magazine

Aaron, I'm not sure if you want to ruin the surprise :lol:

Our release show in Toronto (Hi Brian/Darren/Frank/lurkers) marks the beginning of tour in support of Let The Silence Stay Where It Was.

As always, I'd love to meet any of you guys while out on the road. In the mean time, I hope you dig this album as it's the culmination of a lot of hard work and time spent, and we're very happy with the outcome.

Preorders are still available too - even the iTunes preorders help. I know a few of you guys have done so already :cool:.

Digital: Let the Silence Stay Where It Was by Sparrows on iTunes

Drew, Chris, I know it's a Monday but at least it's a real venue this time :yesway:

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Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square? I didn't know they booked bands. Cool. Not too far from me, either. As long as I'm free that day I'll try to pop in.
It would be awesome to pull it off this time! Really hoping the flooding doesn't screw up the last week :/
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