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Good news, Everyone!
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...And a Schaller floyd rose in Gold, and no pointy guitar bodies to put them on.

As such, I've been scouring Ebay for old pointy jackson and charvel bodies (as well as crackles and holoflash, because I am a whore for crackle and holoflash, especially crackled holoflash), pretty much to no avail. I'd really like a King V Standard body or a Charvel Avenger, but they're coming up short. If I were to order an Avenger-styled body from warmoth, I'd be looking at $400 painted, and there's a jacked-up avenger (with case) on Ebay for $300, and beat-up is never a dealbreaker for me.

There's also a King V Standard on (also with case) for also $300, and either would work, though I'd prefer the Avenger because it's H/S.

I've got the cash for either, but I don't know if there are any less-well-known pointy guitars out there that I might want to look into as well. Explorer bodies are welcome, too.
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