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So, uh, I put a down payment on something I probably shouldn't have...

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Now I need to sell the stuff that's not getting played to pay for it... no deficit spending for me. Here's hoping I can pay off the balance by Black Friday, when everything in the store is 10% off...

Anyone want a Dean Evo 7, a Samick Royale, or an OLP MM1? :lol:

Or, (hint) perhaps an Orange Tiny Terror?
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Blue quilt, has a ding on the body above the neck pickup (about 1/2" long.) Currently outfitted with JB/Jazz pickup combo. $200 with pickups.

Maple fingerboard is also a bit dirty from use...

Sorry, btw... don't intend to turn this into a For Sale thread... hopefully I will be able to make the rest of the payment on said item and take some pics soon!
Wouldn't happen to be that Budda, would it?
Of course not. :wub:

What else have I not been raving about for weeks?
you're an jerk, y'know that? ok not you, just your timing lol. I've wanted a dean EVO 7 right up until it was decided im getting a custom 7 - not too long ago.

way to be on the ball with the timing! :squint:

I know, actually, I had considered selling it earlier, when I saw you were looking... but I don't usually like to sell my guitars, especially since that one has a lot of potential but needs a bit of work before it can reach that... plus it was my only 7.

Once the Septor 727 came in a few weeks ago, I really didn't feel inclined to put the work into the Dean anymore really... the Dean equals the Septor in playability, but I prefer the sound and feel of the extended scale for the low B. So now it's gathering dust again, and with this new purchase I can't justify hanging onto it, you know?

Congrats on the custom, though... it's great to hear that you're finally getting something you've been looking for.
my custom better pwn darren's dean or i'll be a cranky SOB for a little bit :lol:.

shoulda sold it to me :p
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