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Some new Ibby acquisitions

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Picked up some nice old Ibanezes in the last week.

a 540P S/H in white. The unofficial Alex Skolnick of Testament model. I toyed with getting it repainted another color but my brother Jemsiters were appalled at the suggestion and said I should leave it as is. Besides, I got another 540PII body in mahogany and neck with ebony board and matching color inlays and headstock logo getting made by Nate Perle and painted by LiquidFX airbrushing which I think will be neon pink, just to 80's Ibanez the fuck out of it. Desert yellow still running in second.

Axstar AX75. The attempt at getting in on the Steinberger market. Takes regular strings. Alder body/ebony fretboard, active Ibanez pups.

Both of them rarely come up anywhere so I'm happy I added them to my "Ibby's no one loved when they were out" collection at reasonable prices.

Ibanez 540PIII (the Swirlnick) will debut later today when I get around to finishing assemblage.
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Nice score. :metal:
Love that 540P, give!
So, I changed the strings and it was certainly a different experience.

So, the tuning is done down at the bridge with six plastic very big tuners. When you unwind it, a little catch for the ball end pushes through. once it's in, you simply wind up till it's below visibility in the bridge. Then, with the TINIEST frickin' allen wrench I ever had to use, you unscrew the tiny allen screw in after the nut. These strings haven't been changed in a while, apparently, cause it was a mofo to unscrew (especially the B and high E) but I got them out and was able to pull the strings through.

She tunes up rather quickly, tho the "tuning heads" can be a bitch to turn. I only hate the dial for the Edge Zero more. Hurts the thumb, you know. :D

The 9v battery needed to be changed as well as the active pickups were sounding weak. Once I popped in a new one, she was growling like a lioness in heat. These old ass Ibanez active pups sounds really good which was surprising. Was ready to get a set of EMG's if necessary.

All in all, a rockin' little axe. She's more green these days than her original silver and has more than a few dings for a 25 year old guitar but she's solid and sounds and plays lovely. Quite comfortable tho I had to put a DiMarzio cliplock in since the edge of a normal strap was in the way of my picking arm.

A reissue would be nice but I think Ibanez would laugh themselves silly on that one.
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A reissue would be nice but I think Ibanez would laugh themselves silly on that one.
always thought the headless Axstars were boss, but I'm Steinberger/headless/ergo nerd so I'm biased.
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