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I've found that after I've reached my goal for the day with the metronome and I want to practice something different... Practice Tracks are just great.

Here's a link I found to a website full of free, yet quality, tracks.

Jamtracks - Practice Tracks 10 Free Guitar Backing Track

Make sure you're not just mindlessly blazing every note you can grab. :nono:

At least not constantly..

Think about your tonal center.. Figure out the chord you're playing over.. when you find a sound you like.. figure out the harmonic analysis. (oh, i'm playing a line that goes 5, b6, 4 over that Amin7sus4/F# chord.. and I like it.)

Anyway, that's my guitar teacher mind coming out. Just enjoy these backing tracks and have some fun!

If you know some other good sites with backing tracks or the like.. please post em!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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