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Week 5, season 4. Final season of this year, in the lead up to xmas! As we're running CAW as well, we'll see how this goes, but hopefully it means there's something for everyone

Series saved by last weeks submissions!

Instead of eliminations, we will work like thus:

We'll attempt to submit one song a week.

- The first scores you 10 points.
- The second in a week scores you 7 points
- The third, 5 points
- The fourth 2 point, and 1 point for every further song.

If you miss a week, you score 0 points, but, it allows everyone to keep playing until the end. It means people falling ill or ending up with heavy workloads don't get eliminated due to bad luck, and it also means people can start and join in whenever, and play a bit of catch up if they want. 10 points is an incentive to submit weekly, but if something happens, and it's late, you can still play a little catch up.

We'll keep a rolling tally all the way through to the week before xmas, at which point someone will be rewarded with the coveted season 4 XMAS crown(*) complete with the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack of frozen II on loop for all eternity

Current standings:
Iron1: 30pts
bohmer 20pts
scole: 10pts

1) All Submissions by end of play 6th of December
2) Even if noone can check, the spirit is writing a song a week
3) No rules on genre, you don't even need to do the same style next week
4) Must be a song, unless you have a very (and I mean the kind that is beyond the ability of mere mortals) good argument for playing the same riff for 3+ minutes it won't fly
5) Entries composed on a tascam or without drums, whatever, also welcome, this is about writing a song, not dressing it up in lipstick and a short skirt
6) If you don't submit, you're don't score points.
7) Remember that quality outstrips quantity, don't just post up tons of rubbish to try and win, we're doing this to get writing, someone winning the coveted season 3 crown is a bonus(*)
8) Mixtests don't count, there's another forum for that (
9) Submissions to be posted as soundcloud links

We will not:
1) Make people feel bad about mixing skills by turning this into a mixtest competition, it's about getting a load of us writing to a deadline, this is about writing, not about how awesome your headless kiesel sounds through an axe fx with superior drummer
2) Make people feel bad about how well it's recorded
3) Spam thread with songs we've had lying around for ages or anything non relevant to this competition and it's rules
4) Discourage anyone from participating
5) Tell anyone they suck. Songwriting is a skill, you learn it, some people will be better, others worse, this isn't a pissing competition
6) Steal others work or ideas.

(*) crown does not exist. Like the cake, it is a lie

OldSchool Blacksmith
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Sick as a dog today and don't have it in me to do much more. Kind of an unrealized vision to this one, as I imagined so much more for it, but ran out of steam when I got sick yesterday. If I get to feeling better later on, I might come back and do all the bass lines...
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