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As some of you know, my bike was previously owned by someone very short. Thus it was slammed to the point where speed bumps go scrapey scrapey AND the suspension was at its softest settings.

Ol' Nate did some book lernin' and adjusted suspension, raised the front end, put new, not cut kickstand on. Rides a little better but stands a little funny... Hmm... Missed a detail... Oh yeah... The rear ride height. More book lernin', asking questions, and schematic lookin' attin'.

I discovered these fascinating pieces of metal and bearings called dog bones. Well let's wander out to the shed and see what I got. Did they just change out the dog bones or is it a lowering kit? Need to know to know what parts to order, ya know.

Turns out the linkage is stock... And there are no dogbones... This ghettoriffic lowering kit is a pair of rectangular pieces of 1/4" steel with two holes drilled in them... :ugh:

So... Bones ordered. Along with OEM mirrors. So if anyone wants some chrome chopper style mirrors that had no business being on a 600r in the first place, PM me.
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