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Sony NEX-5 Preview: 2. Specifications: Digital Photography Review

14mp, interchangeable lenses, 1080i HD video, and they're actually using SD cards. And it's fucking tiny.

One thing I've discovered with digital cameras, actually cameras in general, is that the bigger the camera, the less I use it. I've had:

Nikon FE2
Nikon FM2n x3
Nikon F3HP x2
Nikon N70 x3
Nikon N90
Nikon N90s
Nikon D70
Canon Digital Rebel
Canon 10D
Sony P92
Sony V3
Canon SD1200IS

You know which has the most frames through it? The V3, which was 7.2mp, bigger than a point and shoot, but way smaller than an SLR but had full manual control, spot meter, exposure compensation, etc. plus it had a Zeiss-designed lens which was very sharp. Also had CF card slot and a hotshoe.

So I'm really looking forward to this, as I'm generally a fan of Sony's digital cameras, and haven't been too geeked with similarly sized SLR's so far. It's a bit pricey though, compared to a Rebel, however the metal body and lenses is for me a selling point, as is the HD video and resolution of the stills.

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Totally cool. Too bad it's a Sony. :( :lol:
I don't like them as a company, but then again I hate Canon as a company too, after how they treated me as a salesperson selling their products and later having issues with a camera I purchased directly from them (long story). I have always been pleased with Sony's and Canon's digital cameras overall though.

I saw a commercial for that yesterday. Looks interesting.

Of course, with interchangeable lenses, you're upping the size again.
True, but the body size and the lens size will both be smaller than "normal" SLR's due to the micro 4/3 standard. It's almost like a quasi-Leica M series digital.
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