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At around 10:30 AM my time(Pacific), Steve Vai held a free online guitar lesson in conjunction with Berkleemusic, in which he was trying to set a Guinness record for 'World's Largest Online Guitar Lesson'. I gave it a shot actually recording it onscreen as I was watching the whole thing. It's not the best quality and as you can tell some of the Livestream details above the video are visible because when I started the recording, I was so afraid I'd mess something up if I stopped it that I just left it like that. So I hope you enjoy! It's around an hour long, but listening to Steve Vai talk will pretty much always leave you with something new learned.

Steve Vai - World's Largest Online Guitar Lesson on Vimeo

I know the audio isn't the best, and also at the beginning they messed up slightly, the volume on his mic was turned way down and so you miss a few introductory words. Nothing big though!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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