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Jeezus... dude needs to turn down his delay.

When i was a teenager, i heard of this guy who lived about half an hour north of me in Newmarket, ON. His name was Aldo Vaccaro, and i kept hearing how amazing he was, and that he had developed incredible 8-finger technique and a hexaphonic pickup system that sent the output of each string to its own amp.

He showed up on MuchMusic's "Guitar Wars" in the late '80s (he came second) and even had an endorsement with Rexx amplification out of Calgary, despite not really being in a band, and not having a record deal. The guy had tons of talent and huge potential, but never really made it, for whatever reason.

Back in the '90s, it looked like he was about to come out with some new stuff... a guitar line and a new album, but he's all but disappeared these days. :shrug:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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