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Street Fighter Fan Film

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awesome. Watch this in HD
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i know there is a new street fighter movie coming out, is that not it (or a fan version of it?)
Why they couldn't figure out a way of making any of the theatrically released fighting movies like that, I'll never know.
I see your fans doing Street Fighter, and raise you to fans doing Avatar:

that street fighter vid is sweet, the avatar vid is just plain silly to me.
I can't tell if the Avatar one is serious or not :ugh:
Wow, that was a pretty good short film. Their last "foot-meet" kick coulda been a lot better though.

btw, ever since the original movie Anime, they should get Charlie Sheen to play Ryu :lol:

Even this is better than the Jean Claude van Damme movie:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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