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Street Fighter X... Mega Man!?!?

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Oh yeah!

I'm so getting this! :woot:
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can't follow the link cuz I'm on MG wap.
have to check this out when i get home.
Yeap! Empryrean went to the 25th Anniv convention this past weekend and posted a poster pic of it. Guess it was announced then!

From watching the video, it's MM2 with the bosses replaced by SF characters? I wish you can play as SF characters.

Regardless, that comes out monday and is FREE!! :woohoo:
Did....did he just do an aegis reflector :|
looks like he did two versions of it? One earlier looked like a regular + ex version since it was double-tiered? Looked like there was a part of a stage where there were 4 full sized flying in the air that you have to dodge. Then yes, looks like he did a regular Aegis as well
Don't care how hard it is, fighting Urien first.
As long as Urien isn't controlled by RX, it won't be impossibru
just realized what I thought was Aegis in the air was actually Rose's cards.

Also, it's out but everyone is downloading it. So good luck getting it! Whoops! Browser Settings Incompatible
Got it last night here. Should be pretty easy to find alternate sources, it's free anyway.
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