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I went riding today. in the rain. while it was 50 degrees outside. First to court for a speeding ticket. Ill be taking driving school which will still be 135. :rant: After i got out, i went over to my boss's house to borrow the money to reserve my spot for driving school. Dried out there for a bit and borrowed a shirt. headed back to town and found the police department to pay for it. Wrong station. Made my way to the main office and paid for myself.

From there it was another trip the motorcycle shop to special order a nut i lost taking off the windshield and a couple bolts. Total cost. 7.77 :cool:

Then a gloriously cold ride back in 50 degree weather and still raining, with an inch of water in my boots, numb hands, wet pants, and water creeped up the bottom of my shirt all the way to my tittynipples by the time i was home.

Total time: 5 hours- about 3 hours outside. Thanks you rainsuit that -kinda- helped.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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