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We're VERY proud to introduce our new Suhr Custom Guitar Generator. This took about a year to complete and although it doesn't have a 7 string option yet, it's still really cool to play around with. Now you can see what your guitar will look like as you go through and select all the options you want, you can also see how much the price will be. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

Click HERE

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Well, that's dangerous. :lol:

One quibble - it prevents certain combinations of specs that, while clearly not something someone would intentionally want, can make navigation a bit troublesome. For example, I didn't find the figured transparent burst finish option until after I'd selected a blue frost finish, and was told I couldn't use a transparent burst finish with the body wood I'd chosen (swamp ash - which, actually, would look pretty badass under many of those figured finishes, and there were more options here than under non-figured transparent)... but, when I went back to select a quilted top, I was told I couldn't select a quilted top under a solid finish. So, I had to jump back, choose a transparent natural finish, and THEN choose a quilt.

Admittedly, you'd be an idiot to spring for a fancy quilt top and then spray a solid finish over it... But a warning rather than a hard error might make navigation easier.

Now I just need to convince myself I don't NEED another Suhr in Bahama Burst to compliment my Bengal Burst. :rant:
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