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I'm moving next month and I need to thin out the herd before hand.

Suhr Modern Pro ~ 2050$
  • Maple neck and fretboard
  • flamed maple top in magenta pink
  • black basswood body
  • Suhr pickups
  • 10-14" radius neck
  • Gotoh recessed floyd rose
  • Vol/Tone/5w

KxK ~ 1850$
  • Mahogany Neck and Body
  • Ziricote Fretboard
  • Kxk scatterwound pickups
  • wicked thin neck
  • Protone TOM bridge
  • Locking Tuners (Sperzal? I think)
  • vol/tone/3way

Kxk photo album: kxk - Cloudy's Photo Den

Light is not in my favour right now but once it is I'll take more photos of the kxk and suhr together.

References: Cloudy on SSO, Cloudayo on Ebay, Guitar Porn Rep: Will McLeod

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Wirelessly posted :)dio:)

cloudy said:
Fixed it, my bad. Is that cool or do you need physical links?
Nah, you're cool now.
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