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Supersonic Skydiver

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Skydiver preparing for 120,000-foot supersonic fall -

Anyone want to speculate on the physical effects of breaking the sound barrier on a human? I'm not entirely sure I understand what happens - the sound waves of your passing are in essence building up behind your axis of flight right? So isn't it dangerous to come back from supersonic? Depending on the altitude at which crossing that threshold occurs, there would be more or less pressure built up behind you, so I could see that wreaking havoc with his parachute or maybe tossing him around a bit extra?

Kudos to Red Bull too :yesway:
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This gives HALO Jumping a whole new meaning (High Altitude Low Opening)

I watched a documentary on the US Army Precision Paratroop unit. They basically do Demos at Airshows and such. Well one trick they do is 2 guys basically shoot past each other at like 350 MPH. One time the 2 guys actually hit each other. It severed one guys legs completely !
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