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Sym X "Iconoclast" preorder!

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Just preordered the new Sym X. Got the 2 CD deluxe pack with a tshirt...and if there's any left signed pic from the band. Can't wait to get this. Anyone else gonna grab this?
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i think i'm going to grab the LP. thanks for the heads up :metal:
Links for the lazy:

CD only
Symphony X - Iconoclast (Jewel)(PRE-ORDER)(CD) - $10.00

Digipak + Shirt
Symphony X - "Iconoclast" 2CD Deluxe Digipak + Shirt (PRE-ORDER)(CD + T-Shirt) - $27.00 - $29.00

2LP version
Symphony X - Iconoclast (2LP)(PRE-ORDER)(Double LP) - $18.00

Pre-ordered the LP version, as i'll probably just end up picking it up off of Amazon MP3 the day it comes out. But I loves me some vinyl.
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Are they making it a two disc version to include one extra track?
Are they making it a two disc version to include one extra track?
According to Metalstorm, the Digipak has 3 extra tracks, Light Up The Night, The Lords Of Chaos, and Reign In Madness
Ah, okay. my bad. Still gonna be either pre-ordering this or picking it up on day 1. \m/
The 2CD version is the "real" album according to the band. The record label insisted on having a 1CD version available also.

I'm not going to bother with the t-shirt package etc. Just give me the music. :)
:shrug: I needed a new Sym X t-shirt. The one that I bought at Jaxx is getting a little worn. ha ha. And this way I'm positive I'll get the 2 disk cd. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get the 1 cd version either on base or at a local music store. Just wanted to make sure.
Update: My card was charged the other it's on it's way to me. Supposedly it would leave the factory so that way it would be in my hands the day of official release or within a day or so. We'll see.
Update: Got the package in earlier today. I'll get a pic up tonight. :yesway:
I got mine, too, along with the remixed version of Death's "Human". 'Tis a good day for metal! :metal:
remixed version of Death's "Human".
Can you hear Steve DiGiorgio better?
Just bought the mp3 album on amazon for $10. :)
:shrug: I'm not on my normal computer. If I was then yeah. But anyway. :taunt: @ :vince:

And 'tis a good day for metal...everyday is!
Can you hear Steve DiGiorgio better?
Yes. It sounds like Symbolic now.
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