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The Bizarre Guitar Pickup Encyclopedia | Drowning in Guitars!
Hey folks, as I was on vacation laying on the beach, I thought about this idea for a page full of just weird and strange pickups. It just seemed like a fun post since there are so many pickup variations out there. And again, no one else is doing it! Some of these pickup designs are like art!!!

I couldn't initially figure out how to organize these pickups, so I'm going to list them by output readings. I'll use the average reading (for guitars with 3 or more pups) or hottest pickup reading on a particular guitar and list it!

There will be pickups from all around the world on here, so as with most pages this will be a work in progress as I catalog a bunch of guitars and pictures. And one caveat, output readings aren't always correlated with good sounds. There are pickups in this bunch that just RULE, and there are some stinkers, and they aren't necessarily related to output. Just use this as a rough guide and don't get too nuts. Enjoy!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts