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There are 13 guitars in the room I'm in right now. I have a couple more at my drummer's place, two down at Sherms, and two in my basement.

Granted, I'm no Lee, but who else owns more than 10? :lol:

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Just entered the two digit club (with ten) and then a few more if you count basses (of which I have 5).

Considering my new "don't sell anything" policy, those numbers will inevitably increase.

EDIT: Since we're keeping track of what guitars they are:

BC Rich N7 Virgin
LTD SC-207
BC Rich Ironbird Limited
Charvel Model 3
Epiphone Telecaster
Austin LP Copy
Electra Omega
Ibanez RG350FM
Washburn MG-44
Grande Acoustic Guitar

Cort Curbow 6-string
Alvarez 6-string
Kramer Striker
Hamer Slammer P-Bass
Hamer Flying-V

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Lemme think...Soloist, three KxK's, Martin, Seagull, Baby Taylor, Surfcaster, Agile 12, Washburn, Model 6, Jackson bass, Ovation mandolin. Yep, over ten. :lol:

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Lets see

Ibanez RGR1750
Ibanez S520
Warmoth Tele
Guild S300d
Schecter C1+
Charvel Socal
Taylor Big Baby
Hohner HW220
Peavey/Warmoth Fretless mutt
Fender Mexi Jbass
Anderson Parts Fretless Mutt
Ibanez EW Acoustic Bass
and 2 Ukes

I miss you Avalanche
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Hmmm... if I can count owning my Dad's acoustic, which he hasn't touched in prolly 20 years....

1-Jackson Randy
2-Epi Zakk Wylde
3-RG2127X (Japanez)
6-LTD MF207 (Rhino)
7-Silvertone Acoustic
8-No name Classical
9-Dad's Gibson J-45
10-Dean Razorback V
11-MF207 (currently parted out for a new neck for the Rhino)

Do I qualify? :lol:

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Guitars - 6
-Ibanez RG565
-Warmoth 7/8 Strat (Thanks Lee!)
-Squier '51
-Jackson SLSMG
-ESP The Mirage Custom (will eventually be traded to Brian for a Bowes)
-Partscaster I built with my dad

Basses - 4
-Schecter C-4 Elite
-Rickenbacker 4003 FG
-Dingwall ABI Elite
-Fender 1978 P-Bass

Celli - 2
Yamaha Silent Electric Cello
Engelhardt Acoustic Cello

And yes, they all get played regularly (with the exception of the partscaster, which needs a decent Floyd bridge to make it actually intonate and play properly.)

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1. Sherman 7
2. Ibanez 2027
3. Brian Moore i8
4. Ibanez RG5T
5. Schecter C1 E/A
6. Schecter C1 Elite
7. Ibanez RG5EX1
8. Ibanez RGA8
9. Ibanez RG550 (green)
10. Ibanez RG550 (black)
11. Ibanez RG550 (Orange, in progress with Mike)
12. Ibanez EX
13. Schecter C7
14. Ibanez RG220
15. Ibanez 7X70 (acoustic)
16. Ibanez AEL20 (12 string acoustic)
17. Ibanez AEG10NE (nylon)
18. Yamaha AX-Something (4-string bass)
19. Ovation Applause AE35 (my college dorm, beat to hell acoustic)

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Jackson Soloist J0456
Jackson Soloist J0762
Jackson Soloist Pro
Jackson Archtop Soloist Pro (1)
Jackson Archtop Soloist Pro (2)
Jackson Fusion HH
Jackson Fusion Pro
ESP The Mirage Custom
Heritage H-157
Heritage Millennium DC
KxK Sii-7
Godin Freeway SA
Carvin DC120 12-string
Fernandes Ravelle Sustainer
Modulus VJ bass
Modulus/Fender fretless bass
Carvin LB50 bass

So, that's 17. Umm, holy fuck....

A few of these I'm planning to sell, however.

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Damn, I feel completely and utterly inadequate.

Ibanez JS2000
Ibanez SC420
Ibanez RG421
PRS Korina SE
PRS Mushok Baritone
Seagull S6
Rogue (cheap ass) mandolin
Epiphone banjo

Two more until I can proudly join this club. Seeing as how I want another Mushok, a strat, and an Ibanez SR506, hopefully I'll be there someday. :D
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