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I think this is all of them :lol:
ESP Aiji [002] Forest
ESP Horizon
ESP Horizon Bass 5
ESP Maverick
ESP Sexy Finger / CVP=V
ESP Viper Standard
LTD Ninja-600
LTD Ninja-600 Quilt
LTD V-250
Jackson Falcon
Musicman Stingray 5
Musicman Stingray 5 PDN
Rickenbacker 4003
Schecter Synyster Special
Schecter V-1SE

edit: I forgot the Falcon lmao

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Double Digits

Congrats man, I know i'm over. Here's my list

Gibson 84 V
custom explorer
Series-10 Les Paul copy
Gibson Les Paul stuido
Hamer California Custom
Dean Splittail
Dean V
Dean Razorback
Taylor 600 series acoustic
Sammick Greg Bennett model
BC Rich 7 string V
ESP RA 600
ESP SC300?
Jackson Dinky
Jackson Soloist
Hamer Bass
Epiphone acoustic
ESP MC-500 Viper

That's all i can remember for now.:metal::metal::metal:

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for the first time in a long time I an under
1.Bernice Rico 7
2, Jackson SL2H
3.Jackson San Dimas dinky
4. Jackson San Dimas Strat
5. Charvel Socal
6. Ibanez Rg1550M
7, Ibanez RG560
8. GMW charvel Clone strat
9. Fender Squire 5 string Bass
this this the first time in a long time that I only have on 7, I usually have 2 or 3 LOL!
and the 560 may be gone on Monday :(

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Ok let's see

Caparison Dellinger
Caparison Angelus
Caparison TAT II in red Sunset
Caparison TAT II in yellow
Ibanez RGR 480
Ibanez RG520QS
Ibanez RG550
Takamine PTU220
Ibanez AX110L
Fender Standard Telecaster
Fender TL52 52 reissue telecaster
Ibanez RG6CSD2
Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez ATK300

I think that's all of them. Most of them are in storage at present due to the shoebox house in living in for the next few months.

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Wirelessly posted :)yesway:)

Warmoth 7/8 Strat
LTD Elite ST-1
Squier '51
G&L Tribute Legacy
Schecter SD-II-24
Schecter Ultra VI
Peavey Tracer
Jackson SLSMG
(In progress) Precision Guitar Kits SG Jr
Kubicki Ex Factor
1978 Fender Precision
Schecter C-4 Elite
Aria Pro II TSB-550
ESP Mirage Custom
Dingwall ABI Elite

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I aspire to the triple digit mark only so that I can have Drew set them all up on the same day. :yesway:
Never saw this. :lol:

And, hey! I'm over 10!

1) Suhr Modern 7
2) Fender Strat
3 Suhr Standard 6
4) RG550 RFR
6) Warmoth partscaster
7) PRS Singlecut SE
8) Schecter C7 Blackjack
9) Martin MC16-GTE
10) Dingwall Afterburner 5

I'll almost certainly be doing some purging. :lol:

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1 - 85 Jackson Rhoads
2 - 88 Jackson Dinky LTD
3 - 98 Jackson Custom Shop Rhoads
4 - 99 Jackson Custom Shop Pointy Star 7
5 - 01 Jackson Custom Shop NAMM Rhoads
6 - 01 Jackson Custom Shop Rhoads 7
7 - 90s Jackson Archtop Soloist Pro
8 - 90s Gibson Les Paul Standard
9 - Tackamine Santa Fe 12 String
10 - Tackamine 6 String
11 - Spector Euro 4
12 - Spectro Euro 5
The LTD88 neck is now on an Elysian rhoads-ish body.
The Les Paul was traded for an archtop soloist trem.
...and I've added two Warmoths.

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87 MIJ strat
90 charvel 475
94 PRS Custom24
90ish Takamine 12 string
Alvarez acoustic
BC Rich Beast
Jackson Kelly MIK...Korea..LOL
Spector 5 string
Plus, a metal guitar tattoo on my back, which was my 13th guitar at that time :metal:

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How do you guys find the time to play them all? Do you spread the love around or do some never see any action. I build up a crowd and then realized I'm only playing one of two and sell it down. Then I GAS for something and the cycle repeats.

Right now I have:

1. Gibson Les Paul Classic
2. Fender Mexi-Strat
3. Ibanez RGT 3020
4. Jackson Fusion Pro
5. Jackson AT
6. Jackson Dinky
7. Yamaha Acoustic / Electric
8. Ibanez 12 string Acoustic / Electric
9. Douglas 6 string fretless Bass

I'm getting ready to sell off 4,5, 6, and 8. I just don't play them.
I find that I pull them out and mess with them and so, while, there are favorite ones I have I will get thru them all in some kind of rotation. It helps that I have a regular gig so I will turn up to rehearsal with 5 or 6 and then kind of work out what will work for each song and how I can narrow it down to 2 or 3 for the actual gig. This, combined with contantly swaping pickups and such makes it all a blast.

I have 50+ guitars. So taking 2 every gig mean I can go an entire year with out playing the some one twice.

I always change strings on the guitar before using them for a gig so I have a nasty string habit.

Pretty Oblivious
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My pile of mixed mediocrity...
LTD TE-202
LTD AX-350
Epi LP Standard
Epi Goth Studio
Schecter C-7
Some currently dissected build
Ibanez RG2EX2
Ibanez ART500E
Ibanez SIR70FD Iron Label
Alverez AF60CE
Washburn D-10

The Singlecut King of Northern VA
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2005 Gibson Flying V faded with Floyd FRX
1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom
2005 Gibson Les Paul G0
2001 Gibson Les Paul Classic
2013 Gibson MIII
1990 Gibson SG special
1987 Ibanez 540P
Ibanez MIJ S7420FM 7 String
Ibanez MIJ S7420 black 7 string
Ibanez SZ320
2000 PRS CU24
PRS torero
2009 Fender MIM fat Strat
1998 Fender MIM Strat
Fender Mini Squier Strat
90’s Fender Squier strat
Epiphone Explorer GT
Kramer/ferrington Explorer Acoustic guitar
Kramer 620 Alder body with floyd rose pro
ESP Mirage Custom from the 80's with Jackson Headstock
Aria Pro II Cardinal Series Custom
Warmoth Strat with floyd
Jackson slsmg
Jackson RR1 Professional
Dean EVO Special 7
Breadlove C250 passport acoustic guitar
Ibanez SR505 Bass
Peavey Dyna bass 4 string

Dead & likes Rendang
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So the current list is on the 24 mark.

- Ibanez RG1527 GK
- Ibanez RG1527M GW
- Ibanez RG470 MIJ
- Ibanez RG620X
- Ibanez Xiphos XPT700
- Ibanez Glaive XG300
- Ibanez Halberd XH300
- Ibanez ARZ800
- Ibanez RG1550M
- Ibanez RG421
- Ibanez RG2XXV
- Ibanez AM93
- Ibanez S540
- G&L Legacy Ash
- Epiphone LP Studio Gothic
- Squier Stagemaster Strat
- Ibanez Talman Acoustic
- Cordoba Custom Nylon Acoustic
- Danelectro Choral Sitar
- Freedom Traveller Mini
- Ibanez GSR205
- Ibanez SR305
- Ibanez SR300F
- Kala Rumble U-Bass
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