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Eminence Speaker LLC Introduces a Long-Awaited Solution for Retailers. The Eminence Tone Center. | Eminence Speaker

Eminence Speaker LLC, the leader in guitar speaker technology, proudly announces a sweet sounding breakthrough for retailers: the Eminence Tone Center.

With the guitar speaker being one of the most important pieces of the tone puzzle, it has been challenging for retailers to sell replacement or upgrade speakers due to the fact there has been no practical way to demo them. Until NOW, that is!.

The Eminence Tone Center, consisting of a 4 x 12 cabinet loaded with four uniquely voiced guitar speakers and a foot switch, finally offers the consumer the ability to play through a selection of speakers by plugging in any amplifier of their choice. With full color graphics and product information cards for each model, this retail display makes a consumer's purchase decision easy.

"Loudspeakers are an incredible accessory item for any music store. The poor economy and the consumer's desire to maintain or upgrade their equipment rather than buying new makes it even more important and lucrative to consider." said Eminence President Chris Rose. "As with all viable accessory items, dealers can enjoy significant margins. We're excited to offer the Tone Center to help retailers increase sales, and consumers to hear our incredible array of guitar speakers."

"Each unit comes loaded with four speakers from our wide selection of classic American and British tones." said Gary Morrison, Eminence Distribution Sales Manager. "Also included in this retail package is a foot switch, attractive graphics, information cards, and a small inventory of each speaker. We're finally able to offer a complete, yet affordable solution to this decades old problem."
Of course lots of retailers need to get on board but it is a good solution to getting to try out speakers.

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Sounds like a very cool idea, though you'd be limited to hearing only the speakers loaded into it.
At least you CAN try other speakers. It's got four times the speaker options of any other cab to date, and you can a/b them instantly, without turning off the amp, unplugging, getting another cab, plugging it in, warming up the amp, and trying that one out (rinse and repeat 2-3 times). It'd be nice if a few different ones were available, one for each of the legend, red coat, and patriot series.
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