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The Forest Rangers cover "Bohemian Rhapsody"

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Probably gonna get shit on for this but whatever.

I by all means SHOULD hate this since it's got a lot of elements I dislike, such as:

Children's choir
An incredibly over-hyped song usually sung by drunks at 2am (I like Queen, just don't care for this anymore)

But for some reason, when I heard this during Sons last night it really grabbed me. It brings out the real darkness in the song and the break in the middle is done in such a subtle way from the original that just builds the tension - also reminds me of Bonamassa the way they have the backup singers in with 'em during it. The bit at the end where it picks up is alright, but it feels out of place in this one.

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The slide solo in this version is pretty cool.
Yea I really enjoyed it. I quite like most of The Forest Rangers stuff actually
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